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At Pergola Team, we provide the best pergolas as they are of great quality and variety in the market today. Pergolas have recently become one of the greatest features a backyard should have. That great ambience consisting of natural lights and crispy breeze inspires us to provide the best of all times pergolas. This is why we consider providing expertise of this kind important and should never get you disappointed. We consider great expertise in all our projects and as such, we assure you that you will get the best out of your investment with us. Take up the challenge of bringing home that new look today. Call us on 800-314-6820 and make that difference you have been so long yearning to make in your backyard.


Affordable Services

Pergola Team considers provision of high quality products very necessary. However, it is to your advantage that we bring these premium pergolas to you with an affordable price. This helps you to not only be able to pay at once but without much straining. We also offer high purchase options the kind of payment does not affect the quality of product you have access to, only that you might have a rather more reasonable budget on your side. You are assured of expert professionals working on your pergola.W e have taken the time and resources to equip our team with the necessary training to fit what is required in the market today.


Dedicated Team of Professionals

We have a great tradition of providing technical assistance if our clients want to make minor changes once the pergola has been built. Our great team of professionals has firsthand knowledge on handling different specifications, and assists in any way to ensure that clients get the best out of our customization features. Our dedicated staff has been mandated to ensure that there is a follow up on the already finished products and provide assistance in case of any consultations. This depicts that we value our customers and take every chance to advise or consult on anything pertaining our services. We also have a high turnaround time that ensures we immediately respond to customers as their team is valued at Pergola Team.

Reach us today by calling 800-314-6820 and get to learn more about our services and products.

Unique and Stylish

Beauty is an exception that we have invested it in our pergolas. Having that stylish accent that comes with a new look at your backyard is the best we can do for any of our clients. We value the elegance of our products and seek to maintain high quality pergolas that bring the ambience desired. With unique tastes from different customers, we have since perfected the art of description and implementation. For you to have that exemplary change, get to us through 800-314-6820.

Contact Us

Pergola Team finds it necessary for clients and our team of professionals to have a continuous convenient communication. This enables us to be accessible when professional advice is needed when the client is making his pergola look differently. We are also available via email, website chatting and video calling.

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